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These beautiful necklaces are made from Dominican Larimar and 0.925 Silver.  The stones are the traditional blue Larimar, with the possibility of naturally ocurring white "lightning", red or green Larimar inclusions to add drama to the stone.  Each includes a stainless steel chain and lobster clasp for strength and security.  the chain can easily be exchanged for any type or length you may desire.


The stones in the pendants are approximately 0.5" in diameter.  


When ordering, you will receive one of the necklaces shown, or a piece with similar size and coloring.  Please use the Contact Us form to specify a particular piece.  If it is available, it's yours!


Each Larimar stone used to create this special piece of jewelry has an individual pattern making it truly a unique gem.  Every jewel is simply a piece of art.  Each jem and chain are highly polished to bring out their best appearance. 

Larimar Small Heart Necklace



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