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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the price paid goes to support Water at Work Ministry?
All net income goes directly to Water at Work Ministry and those we serve.  Net Income is defined as the price paid less the cost paid to those that produce the products, and the shipping to the United States.

Are there any costs included beyond those paid to the artisans and shipping?
No.  The goal of the Water at Work Ministry store is to provide a place for those that support Water at
Work Ministry a place to purchase unique items that not only help support Water at Work Ministry and its efforts, but bless the local people that create the many goods.

Will I get the item shown?
No.  The pictures shown are representations.  Each piece of Larimar and Amber are unique, as are every hand made Christmas ornament.  You can be assured of receiving an item that is very similar to the pictures shown because of the consistency in each collection.

Can I return items if I am not satisfied?
Certainly.  We will be happy to exchange any item with another from whatever we have in stock.

How long will it take to get my order?
All the items sold in the store are hand made and may take up to eight weeks before you receive them.
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