Larimar Jewelry

Larimar is one of the rarest minerals found on earth.  Once common among young volcanic ranges, it is now only found in one square mile of one mountain in the Dominican Republic.  It is considered one of the rarest gemstones in the world. 


Larimar was first discovered in 1974 by a local missionary on a beach in the coastal province of Barahona.  Water@Work has several water plants in and around Barahona.  Originally, from the stunning display of blue and white colorings, natives believed that the stone came from the sea and called the gem "BlueStone".  The missionary took his young daughter's name Larissa and the Spanish word for sea (mar) and formed Larimar, to suggest the colors of the Caribbean Sea where it was found.  The few stones that they found had been washed onto the beach by the Bahoruco River.  It took several more years to begin the extensive mining operations now found on this mighty mountain.

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