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Amber Jewelry

Amber is formed when certain trees secrete resin, which then dries up, gets washed down streams, and embeds in layers of clay with beds of sandstone.  Some 40 million years ago, the Dominican Republic possessed the perfect conditions for creating amber. The combination of the warm climate and now- extinct prehistoric trees, produced significant amounts of amber.

Dominican amber is unique in that it is considered the finest amber available in the world. Thanks to its clarity and high concentration of fossil inclusions, Dominican amber is highly sought after by collectors and scientists alike.

Reportedly, Michael Crichton received his inspiration and wrote the initial story for Jurassic Park after visiting the Dominican Republic and being taken by amber (no, it is not possible to extract the DNA from these fossils to create a dinosaur park).  The amber available through Water@Work is from the south-eastern area of the country where the ministry has many water plants supporting the local population.  You simply will not finer anywhere than right here at the Water@Work Store.

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