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Larimar Mine Experience

Water@Work is grateful to support the miners, artisans, and distributors that provide the beautiful Larimar jewelry available here.  The process of mining the raw rock, and then cutting and polishing the stone into pieces ready to become jewelry involves many people and skills. 


In January of 2021, the Water@Work team was granted rare permission inside the mines and artisan workshops to provide an extraordinary view into the lives and work environment of these courageous workers.  The individual short videos below follow the team as they first explore the mines, and then view and participate in cutting and polishing the Larimar into finished gems ready for jewelry mounting.  Experience this extraordinary trip by clicking on each video in succession.


On the Road to the Mine

Getting Clean Water for the Day's Work

Entering the Mine

Exploring a Side Shaft Entry

Proceeding Deep into the Primary Tunnel

Entering a Side Shaft

The Darkness Near the Tunel's End

A New Shaft in Search of a Larimar Vein

Grabbing a Bit of Larimar From a Dig Site

A Tunnel Down to New Possibilities

Drilling to Find a New Vein of Larimar

The Fruit of a Miner's Labor

The Financial Curse of the Covid 19 Pandemic

Visiting the Artisan's Workshop and Home

Sculpting the Raw Larimar Stone

Cutting and Shaping the Raw Larimar Stone

Shaping a Gemstone Pendent

Polishing the Gemstone

Buffing the Finished Gemstone

Finished Gemstones Ready for Jewelry Mounting

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