These beautiful Larimar ankle bracelets are made from Dominican Larimar and a highly polished stainless steel setting for durability.  The stainless will never tarnish and does not contain any nickel.  If you prefer the piece in 925 silver, simply contact us and we will be happy to get a set for you.  The diameter of the ball shape stone is about 1/4".  The chains come with a choice of sterling silver dolphins, butterflies, or keys as accents.  If you have one you want in particular, please just Contact Us and we'll do our best to get the specific piece you desire.


Each Larimar stone used to create this special piece of jewelry has an individual pattern making it truly a unique gem.  Every jewel is simply a piece of art.  Each gem and chain are highly polished to bring out their best appearance. 

Larimar Ankle Bracelets



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