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These Clean Sip Straws are a giant leap in affordable personal water purification.  Through independent testing at US EPA Certified laboratories, they meet the stringent requirements for bacteria, virus and impurities reduction.  Easy to carry in a purse or pocket, they are a must when traveling internationally or in areas with compromised or suspect water supplies.

Personal Survival Straws

SKU: 0002
  • Only 3 oz. weight
  • Non-toxic treatment process
  • Consists of micro-filters, carbon and patented high purity metal alloys
  • Once wet, an electrostatic charge attracts and electroplates contaminants to the media
  • Independent testing shows bacteria, viruses and microbiology reduction by 99.999%.  
  • Also effectively reduces such heavy metals as lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, fluoride, barium and cadmium, in addition to e-coli, sediment, giardia, algae, and fungus scale.
  • Bacteriostatic - bacteria cannot grow or survive in the filter media.


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