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These unique pendants are truly rare and highly sought after.  Made by taking one large piece of larimar and one piece of amber, they are precisely cut to make the final shape.  Lastly, the two pieces are epoxied together for a lifetime hold, and the finished stone combination is polished to its beautiful luster.  Like all jewelry from Water@Work, both the Larimar and amber are certified authentic from the Dominican Republic, and hand crafted there.  Each are set in 0.925 Sterling Silver.  Each pendant comes with a polished stainless steel chain for durability, and the classic teardrop shape measures approximately 3/4".   


The Dominican Larimar used in these pieces is of the highest quality, and contain the traditional sea blue coloring and "white lightening", with hints of red or green Larimar possible.  Because it has a Sterling Silver backing, the amber tends to have less transparency and is rich in the natural brown coloring.  Inclusions in the amber are common, and often sought after.  These are naturally occurring impurities that became stuck in the ancient tree sap as it hardened.


Split Larimar and Amber Necklaces

$119.98 Regular Price
$59.99Sale Price


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